Thursday, October 20, 2011

Well said

This is the conversation Nicole and I had on our way home from a very wet, and cold (45 degrees) soccer game.

Me:"Nic I am so proud of you, playing in that crazy cold weather tonight"

Nic:"Mom, I am used to it. We do live in Michigan you know!"

Me (cracking up inside)

I really am very proud of Nicole. She has taught me so much with all she has over come. I was terrified of her playing U12 soccer this season, without ever playing before. But I should have known, she did so well and tried with all her might each game. She improved dramatically and had quite a few great shots on goals. Nicole teaches me not be held down by my fears and that if you have a strong will to do something, you can succeed.

As she got in a hot bath after the game, I realized she had worn 4 layers under her jersey and she was soaking wet all the way through to her tank top. Crazy soccer weather.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sick Birthday Boy

Joshua is ONE!
He is an extremely happy and low key boy when he is not sick or has an ear infection (which have been common lately).

Unfortunately, he woke up with an ear infection and fever the day of his birthday party. We had to cancel the party knowing he would be so unhappy and so not to infect all of his little friends. I think his sisters were the most disappointed.

We did try and have our own celebration with a little cake and balloons. Poor guy had a runny nose and just wasn't that into it.

We had planned out a little jungle themed party and I had made up a collage of pictures from each month of his first year.

Grandma Kelbert had already made up his jungle cupcakes by the time we decided to cancel his party. They were the cutest cupcakes I had every seen. She did such a great job on them. We did share them at church the next day.

Joshua was so excited about his presents. He did have to compete with each of his sisters on a chance to actually open one though.

He was a trooper with his runny nose and sneezing. He loved his new bear and book from GreatGranny. The girls read the story and the bear, Cooper, talks along with the story line. Very sweet.

Our little one year old has brought so many blessings to our family this last year. We have laughed more, loved more and enjoyed each other more. We love you buddy!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Family Time

It has been a long time since our schedules have been free enough to have a full day together as a family. So with Mike's parents here, this past Saturday we took advantage of some down time. We realized that in all the visits his parents have had we have never taken them to Detroit. The girls like to ride the people mover, walk the river walk and eat in Greek Town.

Morgan took this picture in the Ren Cen looking up!

The walk was getting to Rachel.

The carousel was closed, but we had to pose for pics

The people mover does give you a good view of downtown

Mike's dream car

We had a great time!